Movie “ALONE” gets recognition from Locals

Juana Munoz, fifteen year old writer, currently attends Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth, TX.  Juana joined “Acting For  A Greater Cause”, November 2014 and has been an active member since.  Juana came to the class a very shy and reserved young lady.  When ask about acting she wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted to do.  Juana got her first opportunity in acting when she landed a role in the 2015 Stage Play, “Don’t Bully ME!” where she played the role of a bully.

The Movie “ALONE” was formed  when Juana had a class assignment where she wrote about her best-friend Nayeli Avelar’s bullying encounter.  After reading the assignment, Mrs. Greenwood, the Director ask for more.  She then discussed the incident more with Nayeli and she came with the movie “ALONE”.

Playing the role of a bully was extremely hard as I am a naturally nice person.  But I like the challenge it gave me to be someone I wasn’t.

Juana Munoz

Juana & Nayeli appeared on NBC Channel 5 -Telemundo News on Friday, September 30th

Juana & Nayeli on set with NBC Telemundo Channel 5

The next day, Juana & Nayeli enjoyed the private screening of Alone at the Downtown Central Library on October 1, 2016.  Juana & Nayeli was surprised by a special guest from the Zoning Commissioner office, Carlos Flores.  He presented the young ladies with special recognition awards for their
stand against bullying.
Special Recognition Award


The actors in the film enjoyed a “Star Studded night on the red carpet” and looking forward to the Public Red Carpet event on October 17th at the Studio Movie Grill in the Highlands in Arlington, TX.


Join us at the Jeans & Bling red carpet on October 17th …


Cast of FILM "ALONE"
Cast of FILM “ALONE”

Director -Jeanette Greenwood

Co-Director- Davina Perry


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Movie Alone is now in production!!!!

The Movie Alone is in Full Production started today!  Youth writer, Juana Munoz, was on set acting in her own film.  This film was inspired by Acting For A Greater Cause student Nayeli Avelar who was affected by bullying during her 6th grade year in school.  Nayeli now 16, still today suffers from the agony and pain caused by her peers over a cyber-bullying incident she knew nothing about.  Join Acting For A Greater student Juana Munoz as she shared her rendition of the incident based on a true story inspired by Nayeli Avelar.

Auditions for Movie “Alone”

Director/Mentor/Teacher Jeanette Greenwood, walked the girls through the process of creating a film.

“I feel this story needed to be told”, said Jeanette Greenwood.  This was an assignment for a recital that turned into a full fledged short film.  The film will be released October 2016, in honor of “National Anti-bullying Month.”

Alone- No Bully's Allowed14054045_1554035331572387_5700148345140789313_n14051687_1554035354905718_7794708865280199686_n14045978_1554035254905728_2513059919583640464_n14039949_1554035281572392_3397914402346637844_n14022180_1554035424905711_2999614047713499706_n13939399_1554035401572380_6378877139152494228_n13939336_1554035268239060_9166244203836587346_ncropped-Alone-Cover.jpg

Auditions for Short Film “Alone”

Alone CoverWe are excited about upcoming auditions for student Juana Munoz and her film, ‘Alone”….the film brings light to cyber-bullying and how it can be dangerous if managed by the wrong hands!

Auditions for the movie are July 23, 2016!  Registrations are now closed to public, however still open to students of Acting For A Greater Cause Classes.   We are looking for community support of the film and we appreciate all that has donated thus far!  Shout out to Staples (Burleson, TX) & Staples (Lake Worth) for their in-kind donations.  Special shout out to Targets for their contribution to Acting For A Greater Cause program and all the parents, faculty and students that work extremely hard to keep this program going.


Estamos emocionados acerca de las próximas audiciones para los estudiantes Juana Muñoz y su película, ‘Alone “… la película arroja luz sobre el acoso cibernético y cómo puede ser peligroso si se maneja por las manos equivocadas!

Las audiciones para la película son de 23 de julio de, el año 2016! Las inscripciones están cerradas al público, sin embargo todavía está abierto a estudiantes de Actuación para las clases, provoquen mayores. Estamos en busca de apoyo a la comunidad de la película y apreciamos todo lo que ha donado hasta el momento! Nota a las grapas (Burleson, TX) y grapas (Lake Worth) por sus donaciones en especie. especial agradecimiento de objetivos para su contribución a la actuación para un programa causa más grande y todos los padres, profesores y estudiantes que trabajan muy duro para mantener este programa.