Dr. Stacia Alexander PHD joins forces with “When My Heart Stopped…Production”

Dr Stacia Alexander PhD has joined forces with When My Heart Stopped- Film Play and we are so excited! The overwhelming community responses for this production is wonderful and we are so grateful to all that is willing to give back to the community and support a Healing Process that’s needed Nationwide.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Alexander.

Dr. Alexander is a seasoned professional clinician, life coach and trainer. Her experience in capturing the attention of audiences has centered around her “Matter-of-Fact” approach when talking to people. She uses her knowledge of human behavior to develop and execute programming that engages audiences to fully participate in the presentations. She has successfully operated a private practice employing a diverse group of clinicians since 1998, which has helped over 10,000 people.

Background Includes:
PH.D. Clinical Psychology
M.A. Counseling Psychology
B.A. Psychology

Dr. Alexander began providing cultural competency training in local schools districts in 1998 working with instructors, support staff, parents & students. Professionals have lauded her execution of ethics courses as she makes even the most mundane of subject matters come to life. She has provided professional training for Devry Institute of Technologies, Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, COMPSYCH, Veteran’s Hospital of Dallas, Dallas County Employees, and professional Staff Development.

She also enjoys presenting to church groups and in conferences on accountability, women issues, family development and marital constructs.