Fort Worth’s Transitional Life Coach Tonya Cunningham links up with HMPA Inc.

When My Heart Stopped Directors are pulling out the community to support the 2018 production.  When My Heart Stopped…is a Film Play directed by Davina Perry, Jeanette Greenwood and Co-Directed by Ivanna Smith & Dr. Catrina Pullum.  The ladies have teamed up to bring Theater and Film together under one roof.  Jeanette Greenwood, Vice President of Women in Film Dallas and active members of Women in Film & Television New York and Texas Motion Picture Association has captivated her audiences with her Film Plays (as she call them) and leave them walking away with a since of hope.

Film Plays are ways to pull the audience into the story.  Taking film clips and adding Theater gives the story a bigger edge and makes it fun for us too!

Jeanette G. |Writer

The team has also reached out to local counselors to help and  guess who they pulled out?  None other than the Lady herself, Lady Tonya Cunningham.

We are excited to announce that we have 4 counselors that will be joining this production. We want people to really understand how to deal with life and the stresses that come along with it. Please meet and welcome Tonya Cunningham
                                Jeanette G.|Film Director
Tonya M. Cunningham is a Certified Transitional Life Coach with emphasis on loss and life transition. Currently, she is a seminary student pursuing her Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology. As a Licensed Minister, Mortician, and Social Worker, her mission is to help others unpack their hurt and deal with their unprocessed pain. Tonya’s captivating presentation offers practical and relevant tools that speak to the intellect and the heart of others, encouraging people to take a leap and build a ‘new’ life after a traumatic event has destroyed the life they once knew. Her mantra is, “There IS life after loss, it’s just a different one.”
With over 25 years of professional experience in the death care industry, Tonya provides coaching, personal development and enrichment services.
Tonya is the mother of Chelsea, who is in heaven, adopted son, D’Anthony and the proud Dog Mom of “Mister Cunningham”, her Westie.

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