Lauren Fiddes- Stars in “ALONE” Movie…bring audience to tears!

The Private screening for movie “ALONE” was a huge success.  Youth, parents, aunts, uncles, city council, media and close friends showed up to support the film written by Juana Munoz and directed by Film Director Jeanette Greenwood.

The film depicts cyber-bullying that turned an entire school against a student.  It also depicts commonly known every day bullying and identifies bullying that starts in the home; because we are different or do not conform to the likes of others.

The story is a story like none you’ve witnessed and it comes to the community by the hands of a 15-year old writer.

Lead Actress in Film "ALONE"
Lead Actress in Film “ALONE”

Lauren Fiddes youth actress, dancer and model gives an outstanding performance delivering the message of “ALONE”.  Alone is how many feel when they go against bullies.  Lauren performance left the audience in AWE and with so many mixed emotions after witnessing all she had to endure in this film.   Lauren played the character (Ever) which portrayed the real life person of Nayeli Avelar .

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Studio Movie Grill- Arlington, TX – Highlands

When I read the script, it saddened me because I imagined my daughter going through this.  I couldn’t imagine it as a parent.  This was a hard role to fill and I am proud of Lauren!

Lauren’s Mom…

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