Movie Alone is now in production!!!!

The Movie Alone is in Full Production started today!  Youth writer, Juana Munoz, was on set acting in her own film.  This film was inspired by Acting For A Greater Cause student Nayeli Avelar who was affected by bullying during her 6th grade year in school.  Nayeli now 16, still today suffers from the agony and pain caused by her peers over a cyber-bullying incident she knew nothing about.  Join Acting For A Greater student Juana Munoz as she shared her rendition of the incident based on a true story inspired by Nayeli Avelar.

Auditions for Movie “Alone”

Director/Mentor/Teacher Jeanette Greenwood, walked the girls through the process of creating a film.

“I feel this story needed to be told”, said Jeanette Greenwood.  This was an assignment for a recital that turned into a full fledged short film.  The film will be released October 2016, in honor of “National Anti-bullying Month.”

Alone- No Bully's Allowed14054045_1554035331572387_5700148345140789313_n14051687_1554035354905718_7794708865280199686_n14045978_1554035254905728_2513059919583640464_n14039949_1554035281572392_3397914402346637844_n14022180_1554035424905711_2999614047713499706_n13939399_1554035401572380_6378877139152494228_n13939336_1554035268239060_9166244203836587346_ncropped-Alone-Cover.jpg