Acting For A Greater Cause CYD program enjoyed learning about Bio-Diversity and things or ways to keep the earth healthy.  Youth at both Diamond Hill and Meridian worked hard!  Check us out!

V.I.P. Question for (4) Tickets to “Don’t Bully ME!” May 23rd Showing!

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HMPA helps individuals with this one specific need?

Hint: What group of youth do we cater to?



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Question:  What is the name of the Government agency that Funds “Acting For A Greater Cause Program” for at-risk youth?

Juvenille Prevention Program Brings out the best in youth Actresses!

Department of Family Protective services and Tarrant County Community Youth Development program also known as CYD brings opportunities to the Northside Communities.  Headline Mentors & Performing Arts is excited to bring “Acting for a Greater Cause” program to 76106/76164 zip codes and introduce some of the newest aspiring artists.  Five youth in the program that started November 1, 2013 has grown tremendously in their acting skills.  They actually took a huge leap and auditioned against some of the biggest local actor/actresses in DFW area and wow’d the judges with the professional appearance and performances.

Jeanette Greenwood- Director of program is excited to see the young ladies go after a dream and own it!  Congratulation to all the ladies!  We are asking 76106/76164 come out to support this upcoming STARS!!!


Newest Stars!

Newest Stars!

Get your tickets now!

Get your tickets for award nominated “Don’t Bully ME!” Stage play!  We are excited to bring a play that is very relevant today.  Youth and adults all experience a form of bullying and this is something we must all address as a community.


Starring Kadie Lynn as Monica

Starring Kadie Lynn as Monica

Kadie Lynn an aspiring Country Western Singer has embraced the cast and directors with her award winning voice and attitude to serve others.

We are excited about her co-star, Sklyer Halliday, an aspiring dancer. He is so proud to be part of the anti-bullying crusade and knows what bullying can cause on somoene.  Don’t miss the stage play! Purchase tickets now!




Co-Starring Skyler Halliday as Harper

Co-Starring Skyler Halliday as Harper

Acting for a Greater Cause Recital was a huge success!

Youth and parents came out Sunday, March 22nd to support all the hard work the youth has done!  Youth received accolades on the success of the first session of Acting for a Greater Cause!  Youth were nervous, but once they hit the stage, a burst of energy filled the room!  Special thanks to all contributors, Fiesta Grocery (Main & 28th), Jimmy Johns (Sycamore School Road), Pepsi Co, Sam’s, it was a great experience for both youth and parents!


Recital for First Session

Recital for First Session

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LaTasha Jackson-McDougle- Says “NO” to Bullying!

LaTasha Jackson-McDougle is the founder of Cheryl’s Voice which is an organization she started Cheryl’s Voice to be a voice for children who have suffered the loss of their parent(s) due to domestic homicide/suicide. She is highly motivated to encourage children who survived and witnessed domestic violence in their homes. She actively promotes Domestic Violence Awareness in the communities letting Cheryl’s Voice be heard. LaTasha has educationally committed her life to strategically positioning herself to serve others earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a Master’s in Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Honor’s Masters in Social Work; all at the University of Arlington. While working on both of her master degrees, LaTasha decided to write a thesis that involved research surrounding the domestic violence case that claimed both of her parent’s lives and left her and her brother devastated.

Says "NO" to Bullying!

During the course of her research she discovered critical information that the prosecutors and police department could have possibly utilized to intervene sooner and save her mother’s life. LaTasha’s Thesis has been published and is titled “The Prosecutor’s Role in helping Domestic Violence Victims”. Through the research LaTasha also discovered her mother utilized resources of Women’s Haven (now safe haven) along with the women’s center. LaTasha actively volunteers and participates in events for both agencies; LaTasha realizes that not everyone is blessed with immediate or extended family that has the ability to step in and care for the children who are left behind; therefore Cheryl’s Voice was created to assist in meeting their needs.

LaTasha says,” I truly believe that if we involve youth. Teens can take leadership roles in bullying prevention among younger kids. Also we can identify partners such as mental health specialists, law enforcement officers, neighborhood associations, service groups, faith-based organizations, and businesses that are willing to help in the efforts.”