Tay Baltimore Speaks to CEO Jeanette Greenwood

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Tay Baltimore interviews Guest Speakers/Cast of “Don’t Bully Me!”- Prince & Princess Ball

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Abby Belcher interview with Tay Baltimore- Prince & Princess Ball 2014

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Our list of judges is growing for Talent Showcase!

We are so excited to see our list of judges is still growing.  Interviews are coming.


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Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade ***TALENT SHOWCASE*** June 28th

Please plan to come out to support HMPA Inc. for our 1st Annual “Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade, Summer Talent Showcase!  We are looking for “EVERYONE” to come out and support the show!  Auditions are going now!  So register with the “EARLY BIRD” registrations!


"Don't Bully ME!-The Crusade

Summer 2014


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Support “Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade”, by ordering our Fundraiser T-Shirts

Click on the link to order your t-shirt now!!

We need your support to continue our “CRUSADE”, and keep spreading the word that we will not tolerate bullying!  We have a t-shirt goal of 500 shirts to sell.  All shirts are shipped directly to your home.  Please support our cause!


Fundraiser T-shirt Campaign

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Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade Talent Showcase

Register for the first annual talent showcase!  

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What would you like to see available to your kids for the summer?

Summer time is coming and so many parents have to work.  Unfortunately, daycare bills are created for parents with under age kids and then teens left home with idled minds.  The community centers are open and some centers do not get the participation they would like from parent and children in surrounding communities.  What are some things you would like to see available for your kids this summer?  What community events you feel with be beneficial both to the children and community.

Children are no longer out door kids, they are more into technology, ie. cell phones, Xbox, Wii, Netflix and social media.  What can we do as parents and a community to get our kids more involved in community events and outdoor activities?

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Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade “Prince & Princess Ball”

This Saturday, March 29th, Headline Mentors & Performing Arts celebrates its first annual “Don’t Bully ME!” ball.  The ball is hosted this year at Residence Inn Marriott Hotel in Irving, TX.

The Crusade is ongoing and “Dancing all over Bullying”.  HMPA Inc. is rolling out the red carpet for the cast of “Don’t Bully ME!” and all its supporters of the crusade.  The crusade is hosted for all and youth ages 6-16 are eligible to participate in the crowning for the “2014 Reigning Prince & Princess”.

Ball is sold out!  Stay tuned for pictures and more updates!

Dancing all over bullying!

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Parent are not your FRIEND!

Parents are not our friends...there parents


Aspiring Songstress, Kenya Johnson, talks about how parents are no longer accepting their roles as parents as they are more focused on being friends with their children.  Kenya, single parent of a 6 year old daughter talks about the struggles of being a single parent.

“Parents are more focused on being their child’s friend instead of disciplining and showing concern for their children”, says Johnson.  We need to be more focused on our children and what is going on in their lives instead of trying to dress like them and be like them.

Zharne Gray, Senior at Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, TX., agrees that parents should be more focused on children instead of being their friends.  Zharne and Kenya play mother -daughter in the stage play, “Don’t Bully ME!

When asked about her role in the play, Kenya states, “I play the role of a mother that had a child at 16 years old, who decided to live her life and leave her responsibilities on her parents. When I decided to come back and be a parent, it was basically too late, because my daughter had built up resentment that caused problems in her life.

Coming Back by POPULAR DEMAND!!  Stay tuned for more details!


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