Acting for a Greater Cause Recital was a huge success!

Youth and parents came out Sunday, March 22nd to support all the hard work the youth has done!  Youth received accolades on the success of the first session of Acting for a Greater Cause!  Youth were nervous, but once they hit the stage, a burst of energy filled the room!  Special thanks to all contributors, Fiesta Grocery (Main & 28th), Jimmy Johns (Sycamore School Road), Pepsi Co, Sam’s, it was a great experience for both youth and parents!


Recital for First Session

Recital for First Session

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LaTasha Jackson-McDougle- Says “NO” to Bullying!

LaTasha Jackson-McDougle is the founder of Cheryl’s Voice which is an organization she started Cheryl’s Voice to be a voice for children who have suffered the loss of their parent(s) due to domestic homicide/suicide. She is highly motivated to encourage children who survived and witnessed domestic violence in their homes. She actively promotes Domestic Violence Awareness in the communities letting Cheryl’s Voice be heard. LaTasha has educationally committed her life to strategically positioning herself to serve others earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a Master’s in Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Honor’s Masters in Social Work; all at the University of Arlington. While working on both of her master degrees, LaTasha decided to write a thesis that involved research surrounding the domestic violence case that claimed both of her parent’s lives and left her and her brother devastated.

Says "NO" to Bullying!

During the course of her research she discovered critical information that the prosecutors and police department could have possibly utilized to intervene sooner and save her mother’s life. LaTasha’s Thesis has been published and is titled “The Prosecutor’s Role in helping Domestic Violence Victims”. Through the research LaTasha also discovered her mother utilized resources of Women’s Haven (now safe haven) along with the women’s center. LaTasha actively volunteers and participates in events for both agencies; LaTasha realizes that not everyone is blessed with immediate or extended family that has the ability to step in and care for the children who are left behind; therefore Cheryl’s Voice was created to assist in meeting their needs.

LaTasha says,” I truly believe that if we involve youth. Teens can take leadership roles in bullying prevention among younger kids. Also we can identify partners such as mental health specialists, law enforcement officers, neighborhood associations, service groups, faith-based organizations, and businesses that are willing to help in the efforts.”

Don’t Bully ME! Stage Play has been nominated for several Awards….

Don’t Bully ME! Stage Play has been nominated for several awards and will be attending the Playwrights Awards Gala down in San Antonio, TX this year!  We are excited about all the nominees and Playwright Jeanette Greenwood will also be a presenter at the award as well.

Tickets are on sale and this is going to be a RED CARPET EVENT!
Check out our Cast Nominees!

Kadie Lynn Starring in Award Nominated Stage Play, “Don’t Bully ME!”

Kadie Lynn will be starring in the hit stage play “Don’t Bully ME!” part of HMPA Inc. anti-bullying crusade that kicked off in 2013.  HMPA Inc. continues the crusade in attempt to bring community awareness about bullying, the effects, signs and ways to approach.  Tickets are on sale for stage play and Kadie Lynn will be performing during the play!  Get tickets now!

Kadie Lynn started chasing her dream and career at the age of 2 1/2 years when she told her mom she wanted to sing at our church ,. The song leader held her up to the mic and she sang 4 verses of “Amazing Grace” , which she had memorized from her mom singing it to her as she went to sleep every night . She first went on stage at the age of 4 at an Opry in Farmersville , and from there onto her home town opry ,The Hayseed. Kadie Lynn has since performed at Opry`s throughout Texas and Oklahoma . Kadie Lynn has been in many , many competitions over the years, winning most , but win or loose , her attitude is always the same,,one of gratitude and joy for all.

Kadie Lynn plays guitar , piano , and is learning the mandolin. She also loves to perform at festivals , benefits and churches.  Always willing to help out with her talent.  She appeared on and interviewed for many live and prerecorded radio stations , has performed for groups of very few in the audience , such as private parties and family ,to crowds of 5,000 plus, such as the July Fest where she opened for Vanilla Ice and Kevin Fowler.   To date Kadie Lynn has 10 original songs and writes daily.  Her goal is always the same …to put a smile on faces and joy in hearts of her friends and fans… And with her Love for God , a heart and smile as BIG as the state of Texas , and the awesome support of her family, friends , and fans she has a very bright future in her Dream for a career in the entertainment business.

Young Country Western Aspiring Artist

Ticket Sales for Award Nominated stage play “Don’t Bully ME!” are selling fast!

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts has hit a record high in tickets sales.  Tickets for the Award Nominated Stage play has peaked the interest of the community and ticket buyers are purchasing!  Don’t Bully ME! Stage play has an awesome line up and excited about the new cast members hitting the stage.


Click Here to get your tickets!



Record HIGH! Auditions Registration/Inquiries!! HMPA Inc. received Record High Auditions!

Thanks to Casting 360, HMPA Inc. director,writer producer Trevia Janaae hits an all time daily sign up!  Trevia  signed up for Casting360 looking for future actors that’s serious about the industry!  Our phones blew up and potential actors are on their way!!  Casting Call is Tuesday, February 3, 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas Northside Area!!  Come out!

Casting Director Trevia Janaae..Hits all time HIGH in Audition sign ups!

If you haven’t registered yet! Don’t Fret…




What Past Audiences have to say about HMPA Inc.









Acting for A Greater Cause- Life Skills Trip on Transportation! Thanks Trinity Tre

HMPA Inc. CYD Program “Acting for A Greater Cause”, took the railway to learn about public transportation.  Acting for A Greater Cause goal was to teach the importance of public transportation and ways it can be used to benefit the passenger.  Youth took a trip from ITC (Fort Worth Station) to Dallas West End.

Trinity Train Donated tickets to HMPA Staff, youth and parents!  Thanks!

Our Youth ate courtesy of McDonald and its donations to CYD program!







Auditions for all upcoming PRODUCTIONS are February 3, 2015 from 5p-7p

If you are interested in acting and want to get your resume/portfolio built, then come out to HMPA Inc. and start your acting career.  We mentor in the arena of acting and looking for persons that’s serious about the industry.  We provide group mentoring and offer you an opportunity to participate in upcoming shows.

Experience is requested but not required!

Have you been told that you should be on film or on a stage performing? Then don’t hesitate!  Get your BIG BREAK!! Start with HMPA Inc.!  We are hear to guide you through this opportunity!




Once you click on link, go to “TICKETS”, click on the auditions you want, you can select all if you want!!  Then enter information, we will receive your audition request and see you tomorrow!

 Come walk the RED CARPETS WITH US!!!




Headline Mentors & Performing Arts (Compass Bank Building)

4500 Mercantile Plaza suite 300
Fort Worth, TX 76137


5 pm- 7 pm

Acting For A Greater Cause! North Fort Worth!! FREE CLASSES! REGISTRATION!

Headline Mentors and Performing Arts will provide life skills classes and activities.  Acting for a Greater Cause is a curriculum-based program that consists of mentoring strategies that help promote self-worth, self-esteem, time-management, educational awareness, and college readiness.  The program takes the methods of acting, along with other educational outlets, and combines them into an artistic approach to capture the attention of today’s youth.  Services will be offered twice per week after school, with an additional two Saturdays per month (TBA at later date) designated for rehearsals.  There will be a recital at the end of the program.

Registration: November 5th & 6th (3:30-5:30 pm)

Diamond Hill Jarvis Library           

1300 NE 35th Street        

Fort Worth, Texas 76106


Teaching Life Skills via the performing arts!

Talent Showcase was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Check out the Winners!!

HMPA Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade hosted it’s first Talent Showcase at Texas Wesleyan University on August 2nd.  The crowd showed up ready and very responsive to the contestants.  The panel of judges which consisted of local business owners and community activists where in place and ready to provide positive feedback!  HMPA wants to personally thank all the in-kind sponsors and surrounding communities throughout Dallas and Fort Worth for their support!

Winners are as follows:


Zharne Gray

Adult R&B WInner








Phylicia Hoooper

Gospel Winner


Bretland Reaves

Rap Winner

Youth R&B

Chayil Brown

Youth R&B WInner

Dance Youth

Damarion Jackson

Youth Dance WInner

Dance Adult

Loretta & Ray from Loretta House of Dance

Adult Dance Winner

All our contestants are winners as the competition was very close!  Thanks for all that came out to support our artistic approach to fight against bullying!  We appreciate  your support!

The audience awaits the announcement of the winners!