Business Ambassador Beverly Brown excited about supporting Production that deals with Grief.

Beverly Brown is not a quiet figure in the Fort Worth Community as she currently owns BFIT, a business that promotes healthy living.  Living healthy doesn’t only consist of being physically healthy, but mental health is extremely important as well.  This is why Beverly has eagerly joined the team as a volunteer for the When My Heart Stopped Production as a Marketing Strategist working with Headline Mentors & Performing Arts Marketing Director, Sami Stoltenberg.  In speaking with Mrs. Brown, she expressed  a deep  interest in helping those dealing with grief get help and become better.  

Beverly Brown earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Dallas Baptist University. She has over 20 years’ experience in Marketing and Advertising, New Business Development and Operations Management. Her area of concentration has consisted of Business-to-Business Retail and Small Business Marketing.

She has developed, customized and implemented high level business plans to implement new accounts and increase revenue in National Accounts averaging $2.5 Million annually.
She has held positions of Ambassador with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and is currently an active member of the Grand Prairie Chamber.

Her extensive background has afforded her the opportunity to open new branch offices across the DFW area, successfully launch several small businesses including her own, and most recently marketing and hosting her sold out event “It’s a Lifestyle”.


Fort Worth’s Transitional Life Coach Tonya Cunningham links up with HMPA Inc.

When My Heart Stopped Directors are pulling out the community to support the 2018 production.  When My Heart Stopped…is a Film Play directed by Davina Perry, Jeanette Greenwood and Co-Directed by Ivanna Smith & Dr. Catrina Pullum.  The ladies have teamed up to bring Theater and Film together under one roof.  Jeanette Greenwood, Vice President of Women in Film Dallas and active members of Women in Film & Television New York and Texas Motion Picture Association has captivated her audiences with her Film Plays (as she call them) and leave them walking away with a since of hope.

Film Plays are ways to pull the audience into the story.  Taking film clips and adding Theater gives the story a bigger edge and makes it fun for us too!

Jeanette G. |Writer

The team has also reached out to local counselors to help and  guess who they pulled out?  None other than the Lady herself, Lady Tonya Cunningham.

We are excited to announce that we have 4 counselors that will be joining this production. We want people to really understand how to deal with life and the stresses that come along with it. Please meet and welcome Tonya Cunningham
                                Jeanette G.|Film Director
Tonya M. Cunningham is a Certified Transitional Life Coach with emphasis on loss and life transition. Currently, she is a seminary student pursuing her Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology. As a Licensed Minister, Mortician, and Social Worker, her mission is to help others unpack their hurt and deal with their unprocessed pain. Tonya’s captivating presentation offers practical and relevant tools that speak to the intellect and the heart of others, encouraging people to take a leap and build a ‘new’ life after a traumatic event has destroyed the life they once knew. Her mantra is, “There IS life after loss, it’s just a different one.”
With over 25 years of professional experience in the death care industry, Tonya provides coaching, personal development and enrichment services.
Tonya is the mother of Chelsea, who is in heaven, adopted son, D’Anthony and the proud Dog Mom of “Mister Cunningham”, her Westie.

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts have some new Sheriff’s in town!

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts is excited about the new board members coming on board.  The 8 year old organization is taking on bigger and better projects that require more expertise.  CEO & Founder Jeanette Greenwood has reached out to the community and grabbed a FIERCE team of Board Members!


Fundraising Chair- Dr. Catrina Pullum
Programs Production Chair- Freddie Watkins

Sami Stoltenberg- Marketing Director

Events Chair- Davina Perry
Assistant Fundraising Chair- Dedra “Dii Dii” Mosely
Finance Chair- Donte Jones
Assistant Secretary Chair- Ivanna Smith
President – Mya Asberry
Board Secretary and Grants Robin Fiddes
Assistant Events Chair Kortni Hernandez

Women in Film Dallas 2017 Vice President is our CEO!

Jeanette Greenwood- 2017 Women in Film Dallas Vice Presiden
Jeanette Greenwood- 2017 Women in Film Dallas Vice President

CEO, Jeanette Greenwood is excited about her newest opportunity with Women in Film Dallas.  She was selected as VP for 2017 .  Current President Melanie Yonks has done amazing things with WIF Dallas and Jeanette is excited to be under her leadership and work on the Board of Directors this year.

“I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with the organization and the communities we serve!”


Writer & Leads of Short Film “ALONE” are going to NEW YORK!

HMPA is proud to announce that Juana Munoz , Lauren Fiddes (Lead)and Nayeli Avelar (Supporting Lead and inspired story) have been cast in “The Next Generation/Familiar Faces” 2017 Global ad campaign for the No H8 organization. Juana, Lauren and Nayeli will be traveling to NYC for a private shoot with Adam Bouska – celebrity photographer and co-founder of the No H8 organization.

This is the first time that Adam has chosen to shoot a private group and we are beyond excited that Nayeli and Juana are able to help bring attention to the epidemic of bullying, especially cyber-bullying.

Adam’s previous supporters in his campaigns include celebrities from across the spectrum: people like Justin Beiber, Cher, Katy Perry, Larry King, Dick Van Dyke, Gloria Alred, Megan McCain, The Kardashians and the list goes on and on.

The private shoot will culminate in Juana and Nayeli’s photos being used globally to help bring awareness to bullying, discrimination and equality.

Though the story of “Alone” was tough one for both Juana and Nayeli to tell, in doing so, they have helped bring awareness to this issue and in return they have also been given the amazing opportunity to be rewarded for their bravery and the opportunity to spread their message globally.

CEO, Producer and Vice-President of Women in Film DallasJeanette Greenwood is excited about the opportunity and so glad she followed her heart to produce and direct this film.  The ladies have been traveling locally talking about Bullying and encouraging others to speak up!

Please help us help them be able to take part in this amazing project!! No amount is too small.

Thank you in advance from Juana, Nayeli and HMPA Inc.

Can’t wait to share the pictures when they come back!!

Look at the diversity in this photo. Bullying is not PREJUDICE! Photo Credit: Freddie Watkins
Look at the diversity in this photo. Bullying is not PREJUDICE!
Photo Credit: Freddie Watkins

We need donations…please click link to make donations.

Bullying causes harm…years later! Audience Speaks out…

Movie “ALONE” takes an audience by surprise.  Audience member Tonza Simon came to support what she thought was just an “Indie Film”, but she sat in the midst of something

Audience member Tonza Simon & Margaret Blaylock on Red Carpet at "ALONE" public premiere.
Audience member Tonza Simon & Margaret Blaylock on Red Carpet at “ALONE” public premiere.that brought feelings from her past.  As she watched the movie she learned that bullying tears down self-esteem, brings fear and silence.

that brought feelings from her past.  As she watched the movie she learned that bullying tears down self-esteem, brings fear and silence.

The movie was over and the room sat in silence as we allowed the lead Lauren Fiddes speak about her role.  After a tear filled speech, the audience sat in awe.  Shortly, a woman stood in the back and began to speak. The words flowed from her mouth and you could hear the still hurt that she addressed as she gave her personal testimony.  She stated this movie brought back to her memory when she was bullied.

Tonza Simon speaking words of encouragement over all youth in project. Thanking them for the film and delivering a powerful message.
Tonza Simon speaking words of encouragement over all youth in project. Thanking them for the film and delivering a powerful message.

I remember when I was younger I would walk to school.  This girl would always wait for me outside to take my lunch money and give me her free lunch ticket.  Back then we had lunch tickets for children on free lunch program.  The girl had me so afraid and threatened to beat me up if I told.  One day my mother was getting me ready for school and I told her , “I don’t wanna go that girl will be waiting on me!” I then hushed and my mother made me tell her what I meant.  My mother confronted the issue.  But even after that incident I was always fearful and timid trying to avoid conflict.  I was always picked on for being that way and it made me fearful in life.  This film was an eye-opener.