Acting For A Greater Cause! North Fort Worth!! FREE CLASSES! REGISTRATION!

Headline Mentors and Performing Arts will provide life skills classes and activities.  Acting for a Greater Cause is a curriculum-based program that consists of mentoring strategies that help promote self-worth, self-esteem, time-management, educational awareness, and college readiness.  The program takes the methods of acting, along with other educational outlets, and combines them into an artistic approach to capture the attention of today’s youth.  Services will be offered twice per week after school, with an additional two Saturdays per month (TBA at later date) designated for rehearsals.  There will be a recital at the end of the program.

Registration: November 5th & 6th (3:30-5:30 pm)

Diamond Hill Jarvis Library           

1300 NE 35th Street        

Fort Worth, Texas 76106


Teaching Life Skills via the performing arts!

Talent Showcase was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Check out the Winners!!

HMPA Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade hosted it’s first Talent Showcase at Texas Wesleyan University on August 2nd.  The crowd showed up ready and very responsive to the contestants.  The panel of judges which consisted of local business owners and community activists where in place and ready to provide positive feedback!  HMPA wants to personally thank all the in-kind sponsors and surrounding communities throughout Dallas and Fort Worth for their support!

Winners are as follows:


Zharne Gray

Adult R&B WInner








Phylicia Hoooper

Gospel Winner


Bretland Reaves

Rap Winner

Youth R&B

Chayil Brown

Youth R&B WInner

Dance Youth

Damarion Jackson

Youth Dance WInner

Dance Adult

Loretta & Ray from Loretta House of Dance

Adult Dance Winner

All our contestants are winners as the competition was very close!  Thanks for all that came out to support our artistic approach to fight against bullying!  We appreciate  your support!

The audience awaits the announcement of the winners!

An 18 year old singer song-writer from Fort Worth, TX

Soloist Performing in Showcase

Madison Cofer- An 18 year old singer song-writer from Fort Worth, TX. Described as pleasant and powerful, prolific and pure, Madison’s vocal and writing ability is easily recognized and hardly forgotten. Madison will be performing at the Don’t Bully ME!-Talent Showcase as a guest performer, performing original music.


Madison’s Opinion: many don’t realize how badly verbal abuse and cyber bullying is, bullying is not cool.

 Watch her on youtube

Gospel Recording Artist Neiman Ray’s Thoughts on Bullying

Gospel Recording Artist

As a child that was bullied, I recommend two things: 1. Tell someone, regardless of what you think people will say or do to you. 2. Take a self defense class, not only to gain defensive skills, but also your self-esteem and confidence. And know that it gets better. God loves you.

Come see him perform live his new single “B-I-B-L-E” opening for the Gospel Segment of the show!

Bullied for not following changes, yet faced our worlds adversity in exchange for admiration.

Guest Dance Performer at Talent Showcase

Hey I am Tomecko Apollo Johnson. Creative movement is what I do,perform,teach and the feeling is what I enjoy.   I was originally born in Memphis,Tennessee ,but you can say I was Texas raised. I enjoy dance because of the people it brings together. The feeling we connect to while enjoying music,the emotions you get through acting,the power of movement is strong. It’s the reason I love to teach visual poetry to share my life with someone, because the dance was created through the stories I lived. I think I’m like every other dancer, I started after seeing Michael Jackson and from there the train began. My mother would tell me I’d have to create my own style if i wanted to become a dancer. I ended up graduating at 17 and asking myself what do I love? What do I want to be?  There the journey began. It has led me to many beautiful people and things that’s fruitful to who I am inside. I journeyed to Florida for the first time, then to California for the show “So you think you can dance”, then to San Antonio, Texas. The spirit of music and divine creation has taken me many places. For this, I am thankful to give you, my style of Hip Hop…created from the kid unheard in big places.

Bullied for not following changes, yet faced our worlds adversity in exchange for admiration.

Tomecko Apollo Johnson
The “Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade Talent Showcase” invites you to come see all the local talent  and businesses that’s coming together as one to support HMPA Inc. quest against bullying!  Tickets on sale now $5 pre-sale!

New Poster Model…WOW’s HMPA with a new promotional photo! Chayil Lightfoot Rocks!


Daveon Ishman of Corta Photography & Graphix Designs captured one of the Talent Showcase contestants in an awesome and courageous photo shoot this past Saturday.  Chayil Lightfoot is a 9th grader with a big future! She came to HMPA Inc. 2013 as an actress in the stage play, “What She Won’t Do…I Will!”, after the play she decided to come back to audition and landed a role in “Don’t Bully ME!” Stage play March 2014.  Chayil got her first break in acting but wow’d the judges with her beautiful, sultry voice.

After posing for the photo shoot for the Talent Showcase…she walks away as the spokes photo for the “CRUSADE”. Congratulations Chayil and thanks for taking a stand against bullying!   Thanks Corta Photography for this awesome SHOT of her!

HMPA Model for anti-bullying crusade

Come hear Chayil perform August 2, 2014 at Texas Wesleyan Nicholas Martin Hall !  Tickets are on sale now… $5 pre-sale or $10 at the door!

Texas Wesleyan University Martin Hall serves as the final resting place for “Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade Talent Showcase!

Texas Wesleyan University

Don’t Bully ME!-The Crusade 2014 Talent showcase is proud to announce the event will be hosted at Texas Wesleyan Universities Martin Hall!  The beautiful theater seats approximately 600 people with its luxurious balcony seating!  This showcase is growing by leaps and bounds all for a great cause for the greater good of the community!  HMPA Inc. and all its staff wants to thank TWU for their commitment to give back to the community and their support in this crusade against bullying!

Special shout out to Adrian K. Bumgarner, Music Coordinator at TWU.  She is very professional an a huge asset to the community!


18 years- young Business Man supporting “Don’t Bully ME!- The Crusade Talent Showcase”

S & D Marketing Solution

Steven Daniel Founder/Owner of S&D Marketing Solutions, currently 18 years of age. Has a passion to see ministries, small business owners, and Entrepreneurs live their daily dreams. S&D Marketing Solutions mission is to Edify the Body of Christ by their unique and one of a kind graphic designing. S&D is a Christian Business operating in the Spirit of Excellence. Whatever your dream may be, our goal is to take that dream to the next level, as well as the nations.

He contacted CEO Jeanette Greenwood asking what could he do to help this anti-bullying crusade!  HMPA Inc is excited about his willingness to support a great cause!  Don’t stop reading…its more..

Steven says…”Our main goal and focus is Building the Kingdom! Building the Kingdom through our unique designs and artwork. We are very passionate about your vision, whether you are a small church, or a large church we guarantee to meet all of your needs.”

S&D Marketing Solutions was birthed from the Lord to Steven Daniel. Steven started designing and creating artwork at a very young age. He is determined to continue to work for the Lord and save souls through these prophetic designs. Steven Daniel believes that the body of Christ shall be displayed in EXCELLENCE, not incomplete, and half done work. Steven’s says: “If you’re going to do anything at all, always give it your last”. Steven gives his all in his work for the Lord.

To learn more go to

Summer Youth Volunteer Making Waves to local youth agencies


Youth Volunteer

HMPA Inc. welcomes our youth volunteer D’anna Smith! She is working this summer as a Junior Admin Assistant and doing an awesome job! She is handling all incoming calls, faxing, copying, filing, outgoing calls and more! D’anna got her first Kuddos from Boys and Girls Club staff on how pleasant she is.


Ms. Greenwood,

Thank you for the timely follow-up and the invitation to participate.  Deanna Smith was very pleasant to talk to.


Thank you D’anna!  This anti-bullying SHOWCASE appreciate your support!!!